Taking the Plunge

I have been thinking for some time now about whether to start a blog.  It was on my list of “social media things to do” when I started getting serious with social media back in 2013.  I started with LinkedIn, Twitter, and (more recently) Instagram – but I always felt a blog would be so much more time consuming than some of the “quick hitter” forms of social media…  and where would I ever find the time for that?

Beyond that, I wondered (like so many other bloggers do) why anyone would care what I think or what I have to say.  Sure, I have had colleagues encourage me (thank you @BoyePitcher in particular) when I suggested I might start a blog.  But I still wondered whether people were just saying that to be nice.  Yet, in spite of my hesitancy, I still had it in the back of my mind to at least start something.

Recently, I started looking more closely at other people’s blogs – both some great educator and industry bloggers themselves and other professionals who give good advice about what elements should be in a good blog.  This helped.  (Check out @ajjuliani‘s recent “30 Day Blogging Challenge” for example).  That said, I think the tipping point for me was a recent workshop I attended sponsored by @DellEMCedu and facilitated by @ideaguy42 (Bob Dillon).  During the workshop on active learning spaces, Bob reinforced the value in “reflection,” and asked “how can we create moments to decompress [for kids and adults]?”  Participants discussed how none of us tend to spend enough time reflecting and we agreed there is great value in professionals writing down their reflections.  Ironically, as I “reflected” on Bob’s comments, I thought that a blog could be that vehicle to drive me towards regular reflection.  I mean, we talk all the time about the value in having our students publish their work for community consumption – why shouldn’t I do the same?

So, with all humility, I’m motivated to start this blog as much (probably more) for my own personal growth as I am to (hopefully) share at least a few words of wisdom with anyone who is willing to spend a couple of minutes to listen.  I also have hopes this endeavor will allow me to further connect with professionals I already work with and learn from, as well as expand connections with others with other perspectives I have not even considered.

So what am I going to talk about in this blog?  I’m not exactly sure.  There are some incredible directions right now in E-Learning that can (will) have a tremendous impact on the ability for students to access new learning opportunities…  and be challenged & engaged in new learning environments.  Perhaps even more notable, there are some transformative technological developments right now in industry and in culture – and if schools do not evolve in conjunction with these developments, I fear our students will not be prepared for the world as it will become (not what it is today) when they leave our schools.

So I am looking forward to this journey.  I’m looking forward to sharing thoughts about E-Learning, about instructional technology, and the impact all of this can (will) have on our schools and communities.  I’m hopeful that, by “taking the plunge” and publicly reflecting through this blog, it will help me grow professionally, grow personally, and possibly even help others grow just a little bit too.

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